One Good Day!

As I blogged my thoughts today, I went back to my old posted blogs a year ago.
I started blogging in May 2019 nearly 2 years old. I was so excited to write about my thoughts, if does make sense. I wrote about anything that could use help. Sending links to my friends and posting it to social media, I gained nothing.

I do not know my purpose — is it to be famous? To get monetized account? Or just merely send a message to people who needs to read something good? You can ready my reason here:

I do not know my audience, I do not know who are my readers, I just simply typed my thoughts and published it. Every time I see my status report of how many readers views my post doesn’t reach a hundred a day, sometimes 0. So I stopped. 

When I was younger, I love to write stories, a tragic love stories. Sometimes, I wrote my own love story and end it in a tragic way. I love school supplies, pens, papers, stationaries because I have the passion in writing. I love to read books, novels, inspirational, sci-fi, legal thriller, true to life stories, religion and most specially, crime books. 
But I don’t have a wide vocabulary like Dan Brown’s or does not have that giddy feeling of Nicholas Sparks. Oh my, I also do not to have the wide imagination of JK Rowlings. I only have is my life story to tell, what I been through and how I faced it, solved it and get over it. That’s all I have.

Some would say, that is more than enough, some would say it isn’t enough. Why does passion needs to be so broad? Why does it need to be so fascinating? Why it can be compassionate? Fun? Exciting? I want to inspire people. To share how to get through life struggles but someone told me I still lack of experience so I shut up. Then, I write based on the people I encountered or movies I watched. I listen, watch, read and make something out of it, and every time I write, I PUT MYSELF ON THE SITUATION and imagine what can I do.

I guess, I just need one good day, one good reader who will post and share everything I do. But what do I get on that? NOTHING
I do not get anything but a shared wisdom and encouragement to people who reads it.
I may not have the experience of all the types of people lives but I do know I have the wisdom to share and a story to tell.
We always have that firing passion in our hearts that wanted to be heard. We have, within us the power to motivate each one of us.
We need is just one good day.
And one day, I will look back on this post, on this website, without even noticing that people sharing my posts, reading my thoughts.
One good day, I will be there in TED sharing my life testimonies.
One good day, I will be an author of my own book.
One good day.
Just one good day.

As what Isaiah 40:31 said Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.”

Because every day is a good day. Every day, we woke up is a brand new day with brand new hope. A brand new strength to conquer, a brand new experience. Life is anew everyday and everyday is a good day.

Never allow anyone tells you that you are not enough, because believe me, YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH.

Keep going.


3 thoughts on “One Good Day!

  1. I absolutely love this! We all just need one good day. I just started my blog as well. I too am looking for that one good day. I pray that you get that day, but I absolutely will be here to soak up every drop!


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