The Lost Art.

The booming world of technology nowadays became are closest connection to the people we do not often see.

Due to the pandemic situation we have, so many people glued their faces on the screen of their gadgets but cannot blame them, on-line classes are on going.

Needless to say, even before the situation occurred, the so called “effort” are based on the characters they typed on their phone. The lengthy messages left in chat boxes, unread messages on their e-mails.

This is the new term of effort. But originally, effort define as determined attempt.

Nakakatawa lang, ang pagchat at pag friend sa social media ay determinasyon na ngayon, cannot blame the technology it self. Technology advances and so the effort does?

We always said we do what we deserved. We act what we deserve. We deserve the best. Is this the best effort you can probably give someone? Most specially when you believe in yourself that they are someone special in your life.

Someone told me that the good ones in me were lost and nowhere to be found. Nawala daw ang dating saya at positivity na meron ako, bakit naman hindi mawawala kung ang effort naman na binibigay ko eh pang-chat box lang? Pang user kind of friendly lang?

It is never lost, i kept in somewhere deep so no one could ever see and abused it.

I kept it at the bottom of my painful troubled personality with guards up higher so no one could mistreated me.

Because the definition of my effort does not define what others meant.

I deserved too, to be treated not to the extent of very important person but at least act like what you said, that you care.

Minsan kasi ang hirap kapag sinabi mong ok lang, tanggap naman, i understand, nagiging basehan na lahat tatanggapin at iintindihin mo na lang lahat but if you showed attitude towards it. Papalabasin pa na naghahanap ka ng kulang, looking for something can’t be given and agreed on the first place.

Chivalry is dead.

So does effort.

We can advance our technology to communicate but don’t let efforts go with it.

The best effort pa rin ang makitang ginagawa mo ang lahat to give them time, manage your wants and needs.

We always require people to prove their worth, to prove their intentions unfortunately, technology won’t help you with it. Technology can help us to look for red flags about every one.

I may sound so odd, but I still stand for chivalries!

Many are called but few are chosen.

CTTO: photo not mine.

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