A Year Ago.

It was a year ago when I fulfilled my dream of visiting my number dream destination, Maldives.

A dream that I will never forget. A dream that open my eyes how wonderful God’s creation

A dream that manifest right before my eyes. The sound of the waves that leaves a beautiful harmony in my ears. A blissful scenery that captivates not only my eyes but also my heart.

A dream, a year ago that ticked off my bucket list. A dream fulfilled and opened to another dream of living.

A year ago, I also stopped chasing people to want me or even liked me. A year ago, I stopped believing that happily ever after are seen in romantic relationship but it is seen on how you love yourself and people around you that really matters.

A year ago, I let go of people abusing my kindness and make it my weakness. A year ago, I decided to let go of hurt and pain cursed in the past.

A year ago, I let go of the people who does not see the pain in my eyes when they judged me. I let go of the people whom I thought seen my scar as triumph but actually, they’ve seen it as disease. I let go of people whom I called friends.

A year ago was no longer existing because a year ago I decided to set her free and be more of what I am a year ago.

A year ago, I decided to have it in my own way. Be on my own world, seeking faith, love, patience, humanity and do what it is meant for me to do.

I know it is been a year of being a damsel in distress. But then…..

Today, its been a year, I finally know who I can call whenever difficult times surrounds me.

It’s been a year when God has sent me safe haven who sets the bar higher of what kind of love I must be receiving. A love I thought I couldn’t have. I was taught that love must not be seen but felt. A love I am longing to feel.

I finally know who the people God has sent me, the genuine one.

The dozen people I have a year ago was filtered into pieces of human being that squeezed in one hand.

Finally, the few chosen friends God wants me to have still with me and He chooses those people to be with me kahit sobrang bad trip na sila sa kaartehan ko.

My Family will always be there, it is an exception no one can ever break. A family full of flaws, not perfect but a family I can call my own.

As what 2 Samuel 22:40 says “for you equipped me with strength for the battle; you made those who rise against me sink under me.”

This year, I know I will never ever be alone because God already revealed who amongst them are trully my own.

Thank you for being there for me all those days and weeks that I cannot able to determine what would be my life and how to go back. But then I do not need to go back of who I am used to be, I need to move forward and have the brand new beginning. Like they say every ending has a new beginning!

Hello, 3__! Im so ready for yah!

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