John 8:32 You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

This has been one of my many go to bible verse when I feel like crying and wanted to know what part of human raise I am into. Yes, most of the time I question my ethinicity of being a human.

We probably know the truth all along, because a matter of fact, we did not hide it from ourselves. It has a billboard on our forehead everywhere we go.

The funny thing, though we know our truth it’d still painful to accept it most specially if we hear it from the people we truly care about. It so heart breaking that we have to swallow the reality that has been slapped in our face.

Ang hirap pala marinig or mabasa ang mga katotoohanan galing sa taong mahal mo.

But the good thing is we still wake up in a reality, a reality of pain, suffering, a little bit of hope, clueless of where the positivity is. A loosen faith, a plea of help, and screaming for I give up. I lifted it all up to you.

The truth shall set you free but before the freedom there’s pain, agony, indenial, bargaining because it is still a process. To some of us, so hard to forget a thing or two, I myself, is having a hard to forget what has been said. I have this imaginary buttons in my head that keeps rewinding every word that has been said and my brain will just fucked up before my mouth could speak.

Aside from that, my emotional stability will burst anytime of the day. I assure you if you could read my mind, it’s a mess. Surviving to be better.

Until then, thou the truth shall set us free, the truth will make our feet on the ground, our place, our status, our inadequate questionable part of someone’s life.

And one day, when we finally accepted the truth of all the truth, the pain will swiftly go away without us knowing it. A remarkable scar will left it behind, a reminder that once in our life, we conquered a truth even though it tearing us apart.

We are all a work in progress, and part of that are truths that will make us stronger to survive each day.


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