Empty Space

To the love I am meant to feel but wasn’t meant to be mine, I miss you.

I missed the long stare you do everytime I eat your home cooked meals.

I missed you looking at me and smile.

I missed hearing your voice.

I missed talking to you.

I missed the feeling of having you around.

I missed the tummy aches for making me laugh so hard.

I missed your never ending arguments because you wanted me to be safe, all the time.

I missed your corniest jokes.

I missed your lips.

I missed your touch.

I missed your arms wrapping around mine.

I missed everything about you.

We may not be together but I am thankful I get to experience the love and how to be loved by you.

I am grateful for having you, may not be romantically, but for the friendship we decided to keep it last.

Thank you for staying and choosing to stay despite and in spite of all the tantrums I throwed at you.


Thank you for letting me love you the best way I can and I know how.

As the song goes I couldn’t make you love me but only you can fill this empty space.

I am so in love with you but you didn’t know.

As much as I wanted for us to stay together until we’re old, I know it will never be.

Still, I Thank God he let me have you.


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