HE is Mighty.

During this uncertain time of our lives, we fear the unknown.

There are many employees lost their jobs.

Business men went bankrupt.

Lives those are lost.

Lives that are struggling to provide food on the table.

We are still fighting the unseen.

We are continuing to provide help and support as much as we can.

We are immensely seeking prayers to each and every one of us.

At this time, we value the presence of each other.

Unfortunately, only during this time we saw something we took for granted, communication and affirmation.

The love we have for each other at this time of our lives are immeasurable.

The love of family, friends, colleagues, strangers keep us going.

The internet is rejoicing because finally we value the true meaning of technology, to use it for the common good and not the other way around.

The 3-5 meters apart are very hard for us these days especially if we are used to hug and kiss everyone.

We are looking forward to family gatherings, and talk to them tirelessly.

And most of all, we value our faith.

We belittle our faith but today, it is the most valued possession we could ever have.

The only thing that helps us to keep going is to continue to have faith and believe that HE IS MIGHTY.

Let us be one in faith.

Let our faith be greater than our fears.

Let no one stop us in praising and rejoicing his mighty name.

Let this be the time to lift each other up and be someone’s answered prayer.

Let us be one in GOD.

Do not let this pandemic stop us in praising, glorifying him, let our song be heard:

Featuring: My Feast Light Muscat – Music Ministry

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2 thoughts on “HE is Mighty.

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