Broken Heart Syndrome

Yes, we do actually have a Broken Heart Syndrome. It is usually women who are prone to this kind of syndrome. I guess women are really emotional in terms of coping out with a broken heart. We actually thought that broken heart is just a phase of relationship, don’t we?

We meet, we get together, we dated, we fell out of love and some made it, some weren’t and I guess the broken heart syndrome take over.

We may not or I do not fully understand the cause and effect of it, but currently thinking of it now, the past relationships we had that really broke us can give us literally a broken heart. It may not blocked our coronary arteries, we can have a fast full recovery but most of us are affected of this syndrome.

Surprisingly, we need to take a serious action of our heart that gets broken. It is not just how we cope to the pain, how we moved on, we may came across depression in mental health perspective. The Broken Heart Syndrome or what I call BHS may be seen in healthy people, the common shortness of breathe or chest pain are similar to having a heart attack.

Well, broken pieces needs to be fixed, right?

So, I personally think, that your broken heart scientifically and biblically speaking can and will be fixed. You just have to move forward. Letting go and moving on may seem alike but they weren’t (check my blog – Paano ba mag-let go? and Moving on

When we love we only see what we wanted to see, what we wanted to believe but the truth is, we ignored the reality. Heart will not accept what the eye can see.

But then again, who are we to push people to moved on, we cannot force someone to move on on something if they are not ready.

A friendly reminder from yours truly, letting go of the people we love does not mean forgetting them, it is just we need to move forward, live life, and moved on.

An itsy bitsy piece of advice huh? easy for me to say, right? but trust me, I know how you feel. We just need to make a choice.

Sometimes talking to people we trust or to a stranger can ease the grieve. Who knows who are we going to bump in along the way? Maybe God sent someone, maybe our safe haven.

Keep Going. We do not want another broken heart!

Photo Not Mine – CTTO

If you are seeking for professional help, feel free to contact:

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