The Other Side

Confrontation is very hard nowadays, because of social media, I guess its a factor. We are fighting one another behind those keypads and screen from our home. We do fought a faceless battle. Word per word. And when we finally confront one another and truth came out, we are lost in pain and sorrow. The only left behind is the agony of painful truth and a mourning of sadness.

We tend to reject and push other people away if we are in pain.

We disregard the truth behind our pain.

We denied the fact that we also cause pain in our pain.

We wanted to be alone because we think no one understands and no one cares.

We find it hard to open up because people will only judge the decisions we made.

So we keep it all alone to ourselves.

Mag-isa tayong lumalaban.

Mag-isa tayong naghahanap ng sagot sa lahat ng mga tanong na bakit?

Mag-isa tayo kasi pinili nating mag-isa.

We felt that we are just a garbage thrown away and not wanted to be seen. patapon ang buhay.

There’s always other side of the story. There’s always happiness behind the sorrow. There’s always sunshine in the darkness. A truth in a lie.

When we love, we make a lot of decision in our life, mali o tama, ang alam natin nagmamahal tayo. Hindi sinasadya? I think that’s a trash. lahat ng bagay may choices tayo.

Choice nating magmahal ng mga taong hindi kamahal-mahal.

Choice nating magmahal ng taong may mahal ng iba.

Choice nating tanggapin ang pagmamahal na meron lang tayo.

There’s always a choice. We just don’t make a choice.

It is also your choice to forgive someone who hurt you.

It is also your choice to be with someone you love.

It is your choice. At kung ano man ang dahilan ng mga choices mo, that is the other side of the story. Your Story.

No man is an island. No human deserved to die alone. No man deserved pain nor sorrow. We all deserved happiness, Forgiveness.

The peace that brings us is the freedom to love better. The peace of mind is not for others but for ourselves.

Choose to be with someone whom you can trust and comfortable with.

Choose the person who will not understand how you feel but will help you understand your self.

Being a fixer of someone else’s life is like jeopardizing your own sanity. fix yourself first. you deserve that too.

And have someone to talk to, someone whom you can rely on no matter what circumstances arises.

If you are that someone, be there, fight with them, be each other’s supporting system. Let’s make this world a better place to live in.

Keep Going because you deserve it.

If you are seeking for professional help, feel free to contact:

You will get there.

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