Go away.

“This too shall pass.” This are the phrase I always said when I am under chaos.

Yes, everything will pass by but literally, it shouldn’t be just passing by because it must be stopped from there. Did I take it in a very literal way? Sorry for that.

It is so hard to battle inner personality.

It is so hard to see the brigther side while in chaos.

It is so difficult to find the positive in negative situation.


We always have a choice.

We make choices of our own lives. No one asked us to choose the path we are into because we made it, it is us who took that lane.

Maraming beses tayong madadapa sa laban ng buhay pero huwag natin mas bigyan pansin ang pagkadapa kundi mas bigyan pansin at halaga ang pagbangon muli.

It does not matter how many times we lose what matter most is how many times we will get back up and put that gaming face on.

Life will kick our ass and butts but LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.

Revelation 22:5 Behold, I make all things NEW.

Today, as we open our eyes, let us jumpstart to a new beginning with the people who mattered to us. The people despite and in spite of our battle with our inner personality did not choose to walk away.

Yesterday has gone. Today sees the day and we will prepare for tomorrow to come.

Yesterday is part of our history. Today is the day to make the rightful choices. Tomorrow will reap what we planted.

Yesterday didn’t end well, today will start it well and tomorrow is just better like today.

Keep going! Nobody said it will be easy but take God with you and everything will be easier.

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