If You’re Gone.

Even when it is difficult we have to face every day of our lives.

Even if we do not know the answers to our whys we still need to keep going.

Even if we do not know what is happening we still need to live.

Even if we do not believe we need to have faith.

Even if we do not say anything our eyes are screaming.

Even if we choose to stay away, we are keeping it close.

Sometimes good bye isn’t good.

Sometimes not knowing is better.

Sometimes what we know kills us, may not physically but mentally.

Sometimes truth is not painful, rather celebration of freedom.

Sometimes we do not know what to do but we know how to do it.

Life is meant to live but why I feel like dying?

We cried so many sleepless nights not knowing how to explain certain things circling around.

We scream but no one hears, funny though, we keep quiet and every one hears it.

We just do not know where were we, where we are and where it will be.

We want to be happy as much as it can be but what is holding us back?

We want to be easy on life but why life is hard?

Most of the time, it isn’t missing, it’s just nothing there to be found.

I sometimes wanted to get lost but the truth is I just wanted to be found.

Sad truth…



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