I missed blogging.

I missed writing my thoughts, my wisdom, and my point of view.

I missed the other side of me, the side of me who has answers to all the questions. I was just lost and locked up in my own little black world. ‘yong bang pakiramdam mo one day you are the best of both worlds and one day you are not.

One day you are the awesome pretty lady everybody knows and one day you are not.

Maybe I get tired of living to people’s expectation of me or should I say, I stopped chasing being the good daughter. I just stopped.


Nakakaubos ng lakas.

My love tank was empty.

My wisdom just gone.

I do not have the drive of getting them back or I am just too lazy to hold up. I ended up locking myself.

For quite some time, I was so happy being careless and fearless but today I am facing the consequences.

Every time I tried to get my world in a bigger one, I always met someone who will slap me and will make you realize the bigger the world is, the more assholes you can get. INDEED!

Mahirap makahanap ng totoong tao sa panahon ngayon, karamihan kasi nagbabalat kayo sa ibang anyo.

Some are wolves in a cloth of a sheep. Some are sheep cloth as wolves. You choose what you want. Your risk.

I am sensitive, emotional person. I admit but it does not make me weak.

I give a lot of benefit of the doubt to people because is it that how it should be, right? giving them too many fucking chances until you are fucked up. Yes, sorry, just the truth though.

Minsan, sa buhay habang pinipilit natin maging mabuting tao, may mga tao na pinadala ang kalaban para sirain ka. It is up to you how to handle it, I just locked my self kasabay ng quarantine at locked down all over the world.

I’ve been locked up even before the locked down and social distancing implemented all over the world, because I want it to be that way. So I keep everything to myself.

My Safe Haven never gives up on pursuing me to know what is going on. I hid everything until one night it burst out. I was able to tell everything I feel for the past four months.And I feel so much better.

If there’s some good thing happened during this pandemic health issues we have, spare those people who is ill, fighting to live, for those who died, I did not mean any of those to them, that is how am I gonna live my life? How am I gonna fight the battle of daily living?

The importance of my work, family, friends, colleagues, the importance of communication, the importance of humility, humanity, kindness.

Through this situation we are all united and disciplined. We are able to love beyond what we are expected to give. We are one.

We learned in a very hard way.

Let me leave this to you, Is that we really need? Is that we should be doing?

Think, and do something that will make you closer to God.

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