‘Di na Normal ‘yan.

It was back in August 2018 when I officially found out that my son has ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder, he was 3.

I am working as overseas worker in middle east, a single parent and family provider. When I heard the diagnosis of my son’s Pedia Doctor, I knew I need to do something.

To give an idea what is ASD, here are some facts might help distinguish your children or people you may know:

Autism spectrum disorder is a condition related to brain development that impacts how a person perceives and socializes with others, causing problems in social interaction and communication. The disorder also includes limited and repetitive patterns of behavior. The term “spectrum” in autism spectrum disorder refers to the wide range of symptoms and severity.

There’s no way to prevent autism spectrum disorder, but there are treatment options. Early diagnosis and intervention is most helpful and can improve behavior, skills and language development. However, intervention is helpful at any age. Though children usually don’t outgrow autism spectrum disorder symptoms, they may learn to function well.

Reference: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/autism-spectrum-disorder/symptoms-causes/syc-20352928

We were referred to have consistent Occupational Therapy. It is still fresh in my memory how his doctor educate me though I know a bit because I am psyche major in college.

I know in my heart that my son will correspond to therapy and eliminate ASD soon after several therapies. We searched for therapy centers could help my son, and happily we found a therapy center near by our village.

My son after a year of therapy improved! He does know his name, his age, where he lives, of course my name and recently I taught him when is his birthday (he’ll be turning five soon!)

Imagine how happy I am, walang pagsidlan ng kasiyahan ang puso ko na walang ibang hangad kundi maiayos ang condition ng nag-iisa kong anak.

We went to see his doctor after a year, and his doctor was amazed of how he improved so much. He is now in regular school (addition to his twice a week therapy) and learning so much. He can sing now, he knows all the shapes, planets, vegetables and a lot more.I know we still have a long way to finally be ASD free but we are half way there.

And most importantly, he knows that his Mama loves him so much. He is a very sweet son. He is the one smothering me with kisses, he cries whenever I leave him, he let me seat beside him during his class hours. And what melts my heart the most is he always says I LOVE YOU MAMA.

Actually, I am blaming myself why’d he need to suffer. There’s no study yet showed where it all began, but from stress and unhealthy pregnancy. During pregnancy, I am stressed out and very emotional (another story to tell.), tears streaming down my face, ATM.

So hearing that “DI NA NORMAL ‘YAN”, “TURUAN MO ANG ANAK MO!”; “BUTI NA LANG HINDI GANYAN ANAK KO.” pains me so much that I have to hide it from my smile and let my tears dry in my pillow.

My son does not choose his condition, nobody does but I know God will not give me my son kung hindi ko kaya. I know God prepared me for this, that is why I took up psychology in college, looked for a better salary. He gave me my house, my car and continuous wealth so I can provide everything my son needs. Most specially, he needs love, patience, understanding and support.

You may think my son is not “normal”, thank you. Thank you for letting me know that my son has a gift, he is my gift and my ultimate blessing! I must teach him to be more respectful of others and be more kind. It may not be a normal kid to you but in my eyes especially God’s eyes HE IS NORMAL as Jeremiah 1:5 says I knew you before I formed you in your Mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart.

No one has the right and power to judge children or people with special needs. Most of the time, children or adults with special needs are the most innocent and kindest human being you will encounter in your lifetime. They are not as judgemental as normal people does. They do not condemn, maingay, malikot man sila pero may mga pusong ginintuan na buong buo kang mamahalin. The love they know is the love sees kindness. The love they know is the love God has for them. (Watch the movie I AM SAM).

So yeah, I am too is NOT normal.

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