Ikaw, Anong pipiliin mo?

Madalas sa buhay natin marami tayong pagkakamali ginawa o ginagawa.

Maraming pagkakataon na pwde tayong bumitaw at itama pero pinili nating manatili.


Simple lang naman, dahil choice mo ‘yon.

Kung pipili ka sa mabuti at masama? Pipiliin mo ba ang maging masama? Di ba hindi naman. We will choose the good ones because that is the right thing to do. Simple answer. A no brainer decision making.

What if we will choose between two good deeds?

It is a win-win situation, you just have to choose which one is better! The more advantage, the better! Mas maraming perks parang SM advantage card lang.

Isa pang what if! What if the choices you have to do is between two not so good deeds? Paano na? Anong gagawin mo?

In the first place, this shouldn’t be a choice to make or a question to be asked because it’s bad but we are already in the situation so we have to make a choice.

Better choose which is lesser of conscience getter! ‘Yong kayang dalhin ng pagkatao mo. The decision you made kaya mong panindigan. Wala kang pagsisihan and must know how to get out of it.

I personally believe that everything happen for a reason. It can break or make you. I made so many decisions in my life back then, and I am reaping the effect of my choices.

So far so good.

Back then, I was so afraid to be left out. The feeling of rejection and no one around for me.

I am a self confessed independent woman but then again my fear was to die alone and lonely.

But it changes as time went by, now my fear is to die not living my life to the fullest and regret every minute I did not say what I have to say and do what I must do.

Love as much as I can.

Cry for the pettiest sensitive situation.

Discover my inner passion.

Make my dream come true.

Live happy.

Forgive freely.

We make choices good or bad but it shouldn’t be used against us not even considered as our weakness.

It is easier for us to blame people making choices that is not expected from them.

It is easier for us to say what must be done out of a wrong situation.

It is easier for us to throw advices, do this; do that!

Madaling magsalita at magdecision kung hindi mo or wala ka sa situation.

Mas madali mong nakikita ang lahat ng bagay within the core of chaos.

But the people who needs to make a choice is having hard time to see what you can see.

Yes, they know! But what makes it harder for them to do so is the emotion they have to go through.

We are all humans and born to have emotions! The hardest battle we have to do in every day is to control our emotions in all aspect.

Sabi nga nila, hindi mo maiintindihan hangga’t hindi nangyayari sayo.

Do we really have to wait for that moment?

Do we really have to wait na maranasan muna bago natin maintindihan?

Do we really have to be disrepectful before being respectful?

Kailangan ba muna nating masaktan bago natin maintindihan?

Di ba, pwde namang humility over pride.

We can show empathy to people who suffer in making decisions.

We can love people in all forms, angles and aspects.

We can give hugs.

Minsan people who are in this situation does not need your voice but needs your touch.

Mas kailangan nila ang taong marunong makinig kahit hindi na maintindihan.

Mas kailanagan nila masasandalan hindi ng pabigat.

Mental health is a disorder we have to cure.

It can kill people overnight.

It can be your family member.

It can be your children.

It can be someone very close to you.

We need to be sensitive enough to understand their feelings, emotions and their intentions.

Hey! You! If you are the one making a decision which one?

Remember it’s okay to let go.

It’s okay to choose what you like.

It’s okay for you to cry and feel weak.

It’s okay!

If you do not have someone with you; let me remind you of 2 Corinthians 2:3 I am with you in weakness; in fear and in much trembling.

God is with you.

Never let fear stop you for living your life.

Keep Going, Buddy! We got this!

Photo Not Mine. CTTO

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