Have you ever wanted of leaving the world for a moment just to be yourself?

Did you ever plan of detaching yourself to the expectations of the world?

Minsan dumarating talaga tayo sa punto ng buhay na gusto mo lang mag-isa at maging mag-isa?

Gusto mo lang kahit saglit maging ikaw, at ipahinga ang buhay mong pagod na lumaban.

Don’t get me wrong this isn’t about you being anti-social, this is you being yourself and taking good of yourself.

Yes, some may not actually like it because confusion will build up and wanted more of you. They become more anxious of what kind of help they can give. But truth to be told, nothing could ever give you that, only yourself.

Sometimes, giving personal space is already a help.

As Psalms 94:19 said “Lord, when doubt fills my mind, when my heart is in turmoil, quiet me and give me renewed hope and cheer.”

Well, as you can see and understand, It isn’t being troubled, it is a RESPECT.

Respect of personal space.

Respect of freedom.

Respect to be the true self.

Respect to face their battle on their own terms.

Respect that they will and they can do it.

A quiet, personal space and time with the one who made us, can happen everyday.

We never know when it will hit us but I am pretty sure, we are way different to how people used to know us.

Some of us think that people who wanted to be alone, are people who are troubled and needed help, like yeah, maybe some! But some just wanted to be alone because they are tired of people putting pressure on them.

They are tired of labeling them of always being around.

And yet, no one ever asked, is it okay? Are you okay?

People who seems everywhere are also people who wants to be taken care of.

People you always see also needs to be found.

Strong people also gets tired of being strong.

A warrior also needs a rest.

A soldier also needs to surrender.

We all need to sit back and relax.

We struggle everyday, mind you, all of us! We just have different way of coping out. We’re different human being with different aspects on how to survive the world we are into.

Some make themselves busier with all the errands they can get.

Some may put a happy masks on their faces and mingle with everyone.

Some just go with the flow and live the bad ass on them.

Some just ignore and let it be.

Some give up.

Some just wanted to be alone be themselves, putting the shield and the armor down. Be in bed, soak in tears, blinded by the darkness with a deafening silence.

Whatever you do on how to survive life, it’s all up to you! This is how people roll, atleast to my observations and thinking.

It is the path we choose everyday.

It is our struggle that we need to conquer everyday.

Maybe we need to give people spaces of their own.

Some people do not need help because they are born and raise to be independent but it does not mean you have to leave them alone.

If they push you away, don’t push them more away.

Your presence matters just give them time for themselves, to evaluate the situation, their thoughts, their emotions.

It is the trust we have to work out.

The respect that needs to be earned.

At kung ikaw ang chosen one, don’t make it hard for them to do things that they’re not. Listen.



They needed you more than anything in this world.

Your presence in their life has a big impact on how they will see tomorrow’s victory.

Be patient.

Be polite.

Be that one person who will understand them eventhough they are having a hard time to understand themselves.

We need each other.

We need our family.

We need people to be people.

It is a human nature that we are needy.

But don’t make it hard for people who just wanted to be alone.

We should know the difference.

And learn to be sensitive of each other’s feeling.

Don’t pressure or assume that you know everyone.

It takes a lifetime to get to know one.

So you decide, are you going to stick it up or drop it?

Either way, with no offense, its a choice that we have to make.

There’s no regret but a lesson learned.

Take it or leave it.

Photo Credit to the Rightful owner.

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