Are you there yet?

Our journey called life can bring us in nowhere or somewhere. A place we don’t know anyone to a place we know everyone.

We know our destination or might as well we have plans where we wanna go, sometimes we just had to stopover.

Stopover to experience pain.

Stopover to heal a broken heart.

Stopover to redirect our destination.

Stopover to make realizations.

Stopover to be in love.

Stopover to start all over again.

Yes, we do that alot of times in this life journey.

We stopover to sadness because happiness awaits in our final destination.

We stopover to painful experiences because there’s magnificent victory awaits for us.

We stopover to be wounded because it will help us braver and stronger at the end.

We know our destination in our life, we have goals and big dreams waiting to come true.

We just have to keep going and believe that we can. Sometimes we choose to give up because life gave us consecutive pains and thinking it has no end.

Don’t go down that lane, Honey! It may be a slowe lane but you will get there at the right time with a right mind and heart.

Romans 8:28 “God promises to make something good out of the storms that bring devastation to your life.”

We just need to hold on tighter to his promise because he will not forsake us. Yes, we need to stopover to reach our destination because it will help us to become closer to Him.

Our faith in him will bring us to our rightful destination where He wants you to be. Don’t be afraid, keep going! Im rooting for you! See you there!

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