Love like no other.

John 15:13 – There’s no greater love than this but to lay down one’s life for one’s friend.

This has been the biblical verse I first sought to understand at age of 10 years old, that I must love the people around me like no other.

Love them like I wasn’t hurt before.

Love them like it was my first time to love.

Love even if it’s painful.

Love until you can no longer feel pain.

Just love them like no other.

Yes, some may say that loving without expecting in return is cliché. A martyr or a saint! Ipagtatayo ka na ng monumento katabi ni Rizal sa luneta park but love must be selfless.

Love yourself like no other. Nasasaktan tayo kasi we look for love that can be returned to us. When you give love you expect love in return. And that’s the wrong idea of loving a person.

When we were younger the love we know was wrong and brought us pain and pain to other people.

We look for love to the people around us and yet they cannot give us the love we are expecting them to give, kaya ayun masakit!

As we grow older, maturity kicks in, life experiences taught us what kind of love we should be doing, a kind of love that expect nothing in return.

A kind of love that we need to give ourselves, first.

A kind of love that God wants us to have.

A kind of love like no other.

We give love not only to other people but also to ourselves. We place ourselves in the love of God and from there we can love people like no other.

Every day do something that will lead you closer to God.

It’s hard, Yes! but there’s no harm in trying.

We were blinded of the pain we experience and we forgot John 15:13. Now, that we are back on track, let us not forget it again.

We can change the world and before that let us change ourselves first.

We have the entire life ahead of us; let us not wait the day we can no longer do something.

If we are hurt, celebrate the pain. Focus on the bright side of it. Why it happened. Feel the feelings but know when to stop. Huwag mong hayaan lamunin ka ng galit at sakit. Baka kaya hindi binigay sayo kasi may mas karapatdapat pa.

Let us be happy for other people. Maging masaya tayo sa mga tagumpay na nararating nila in life. Don’t live a life full of complications. Life is meant to live.

Kung hindi ka gusto ng gusto mo be happy for them because they spare you for further pain.

Kung hindi mo nakuha ang promotion mo be happy baka kasi mawalan ka na ng time sa pamilya mo.

Kung kulang ang allowance mo do something about it. magtipid ka muna. Look for a part time job or small business will help too. Maybe it’s about time to take risk. 😀

If life gave you lemons make lemonade.

Kung hindi nila makita ang halaga mo, God sees you.

Kung hindi nila maramdaman ang pagmamahal mo, God loves you.

There’s a lot of goodness everywhere, we just need to open our heart and mind. Save humanity.

We just have to adjust our focus but not our goal.

We just have to wait for God’s timing.

We just have to be patient.

And while we wait, we love like no other.

We wait because there’s hope.

We wait because there’s love.

We wait because we have FAITH to the one made us.

Keep going, you deserve nothing but the best.

You deserve all the goodness in this world.

You deserve it. Remember that.

Photo Credit to the Rightful owner.

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