Her Story.

One fine day when her story begun. She’s the only rose among the thorns. She’s the most beautiful girl in her father’s eye.

She was raised well, taken care, gave her the best of the best.

She’s the middle child and like they always said, middle child are independent, free spirit and has tendency of becoming rebellious. She is everything any parents could wish for.

She brings laughter to her crowd. Walk the talk. She’s talented, creative and beautiful.

But she does not know.

She does not know how her smile brightens someone’s day.

She does not know that her charm captures the heart of people around her.

She does not know that her toughness gives inspiration to her surroundings.

She does not know her presence matter.

She does not know her talent was a gift.

She does not know she inspires people.

Because she does not know.

What she knows is she’s not worthy.

She knows she’s hard to love.

She knows she’s born to be miserable.

She knows she’s going to live up of her past mistakes and wrong decisions.

She knows she’s not deserving of someone she loves.

She knows she’s useless, arrogant and stubborn.

She knows all of it because she felt it.

She knows all of it because someone she used to know let her feel the pain.

She knows all of it because someone told her she’s not enough.

She knows all of it because someone leaves her.

She knows all of it because she never felt the love she truly deserves.

She started to question herself, doubted herself.

Telling her she’s amazing is somewhat a big ass joke to her.

Telling her how talented she is does not ring a bell to her.

Telling her she’s beautiful does not please her.

Telling her, you love her, scares her.

She’s lost in chaos, blinded by the consecutive pain inflicted to her by the people she loves.

Then she left.

She ran to the arms that made her.

She went back glorifying him.

She went back to the big man up there, lift her hands while she’s kneeling down.

She went back and found herself.

She gained more than what she lost.

Her confidence, trust, hope, faith and most of all love, comes back to her.

She’s ready to conquer the world.

She’s ready to show the world that no matter what fate throws at her; she’ll stand tall and say “not today.”

She’s wounded but her scar taught her not to go back to what broke her.

She’s wounded but you won’t see her begging.

She’s wounded and yet she’s still praying.

She’s wounded but she celebrates the pain.

She finally knows this Jeremiah 30:17 “For I will restore Health to you and heal you of your wounds.”

And now, she’s indestructible.

She found her fortress.

She found her one true love.

She found her healer.

She found her Savior.

Sometimes we’re like a lost sheep and have to go back to one who made us. We may doubt ourselves during chaos but God’s love cannot be doubted. Pray when life gives you hard time, pray harder in times of triumph and victory! He answers all our prayers. He listens. Keep Going.

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