Broken Friendship.

In this world full of heartbreaks, crying a river because of a failed relationship, iniwan ng boyfriend or ng girlfriend, marriage came to an end, engagement cooled off, we forgot that we also have friendships that was broken.

Mas masakit pa ang break up ng pagkakaibigan kesa sainyong mag-jowa.

You’ve known them all your life.

The first time you had a crush on was you were together.

You graduated together.

Families became friends too.

You were there literally all of your life together.

Same music jam, same tv series, same travel destination goals.

Got married and had kids, you were together. You were the #friendshipgoals.

But it has come to an end.

What are the circumstances that friendship has come to an end?

It could be that you grow apart. Hindi lang tayo physically nagbabago but also our thoughts, what we like, our goals in our life, our dreams.

It changes from time to time. Ang mga trip mo hindi na nya trip. Arguments came, differences are out. It is better to stay away than crash each other souls.

It may be because you found new friends that influence you to achieve your dreams more. Envious of the things that you are achieving and they are not around to be there for you.

May mga bagay ka na ginagawa that you are better but they do not like it. Instead of supporting you they discouraged you to do it.

You do something because it is good for you with your situation and yet they condemned you.

May mga decision kang ginawa na hindi approved sa kanila and they questioned you.

You’ve done things that need not to be questioned lalo na kung hindi mo naman naranasanan. You were never been in that situation pero ikaw pa ang may pinakamaraming nasabi na advise na dapat sundin at ikaw ang may ganang nagsabi na true friends will kill you with honesty,  ‘wag ganon, besh!  

I do hear you, gusto mo honest pero kapag nasaktan ka, ako mali? see, before you drop that bombshell honesty of yours, think:

What if ako ang nasa situation nya? What could be a nice thing to say?

Kaya ko ba? Kakayanin ko ba? Bakit kaya nya nagawa ‘yon?

You can be honest without hurting someone else’s feelings.

You can be honest without judging.

You can be honest without condemnation.

You can be honest without breaking a friendship.

As they said True Friends will be bluntly honest to you because that what “true friends” does.

May mga kaibigan tayong sasarilinin na lang ang problema kasi nakikita nila na hindi ka na willing makinig. May sarili ka rin problema at ayaw na nila makadagdag pa kaya gumawa sila ng mundo na maiintindihan sila, they look for another tribe kung saan naramdaman nila ang acceptance, genuine happiness and warmth hug.

See, every relationship needs to end sometimes because it is no longer good for our soul, definitely not good for our mental health.

When you are going through something in life and unable to open up with your parents or family members, we ran to our friends. We open up ourselves more to them and yet they crash our souls.

It is good to unfriend people, in real life or in social media, if you feel it is no longer good for your soul. Do it! You don’t need an explanation why’d you have to do it.

Kung may nawala may darating, Quality over Quantity.

We’re broken people looking for someone to love us and alas! We found each other in the hand of our God. Bitter people became BETTER people.

True Friends are God’s instrument of his love, who does not judged, does not condemn you, does not crash your soul, an honest true friend who weeps with you, celebrate triumph with you, together in defeat and together we stand.

Ang kaibigang sa saya at walwal mo lang kasama, iwan mo na.

Mga kaibigang isang pagkakamali mo lang hinusgahan ka na, iwan mo na.

Kaibigan mong magaling magbigay ng advise, naiintindihan ka daw nya pero behind you, marami syang sinasabi against you, iwan mo na.

There might be tampuhan along the way and that is normal but if you are going through something at lalo kang lumulubog dahil sa mga taong nakapaligid sayo, leave.

1 Corinthians 15:33 says “Do not be deceived. Evil company corrupts good habits”

 And sometimes called themselves “true friends who are bluntly honest”.

TRUE FRIENDS accepts you whatever decision you made, you are going to do and what will happen. Yes, at some point hindi pa rin magkakasundo ang mga opnion natin but with better UNDERSTANDING, acceptance and a God centered friendship, it will be a true #friendshipgoals. Hindi lang sa relationship nyo mag-jowa or marriage need ang God centered relationship, sa friendship rin.

We’re still grateful for the friendship we had because without them we will never know what we can do and who we want to be.

Without them telling us what not to do, we do it.

Without them telling us we’re not enough, we did it.

Maraming tao sa mundo you can still find another tribe who will bring you closer to God and to your dreams.

And when you found them, never leave them.

And if one day your paths crossed, smile and wave hi. You may seat and talk and figure out what happened, start all over again. May be it wasn’t broken after all.

Photo Credit to rightful owner.

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