Why I do it? My Blog tale.

I was in a party last night with bunch of great friends. I didn’t know that they read all of my blog posts recently. And one of my wonderful friend has asked me “Why do you do blog? Do you get paid?”

Then I started to ask myself Why’d I do it? Is it worth of my time?

My answer is Yes! It is worth of my time! Masarap sa pakiramdam that you finally found a platform to express your ideas and share what you know about life experiences.

I do not received any amount for my blog but I received more than money could ever paid off – Motivation. I found people (close and not so close) who encourages me to do better, everyday.

They gave me a minute to 5 minutes of their busy time to read my blog posts. And the best feeling in making it? They feel what you feel. You found your tribe.

By doing my blog, I reached people all over the world that might need an inspiration to keep going and fight in every day battle. Sabi ko nga I don’t need a lot of readers I need right people to read my blog.

Mga taong pakiramdam na walang nakikinig sa kanila, nandito ako by reading my blogs (or send me an email 🙂 – I will be happy to answer it.)

Mga taong hindi alam ang gagawin sa nararamdaman nila, read my blog.

Mga taong malalapit sa puso ko na hindi kayang masabi ang nararamdaman, read my blog.

Mahirap makipagsapalaran sa buhay ng walang taong nakikinig or tumutulong sayo para labanan or tumuloy sa buhay. Minsan nagpapa-agos na lang tayo sa takbo ng buhay hanggang sa tinangay na tayo ng alon sa maling direksyon.

Mahirap na nakikipagtalo tayo sa sarili nating pag-iisip at hindi mailabas ang saloobin.

Mahirap ang pakiramdam na walang gustong makinig sayo.

And through my blog, I can express my feelings and that I found the right people who can help me get through. A friend or a stranger.

Sometimes all we need is someone who listens.

Someone who will hug us even without saying a word.

Someone who can selflessly devote their time to be with us.

Someone who is willing to be there with you and cry if we want too.

Someone God gave us.

So I do it not only for myself but also to the people who are having hard time to get through life.

I may personally know or not know you, but do remember that I am here to help and be your voice.

God will not forsake you, He will use people to show you that you matter to him. Your life matters and YOU ARE LOVED.

I am God’s instrument and He wants you to know, He loves you.

He wants you to know that every suffering has end and victory awaits.

He wants you to know that He forgives you.

He listens to you.

He is waiting for you to come back home.

Don’t give up my friend. You have me with you!

Keep Going. Life is what you make it but God’s will will prevail.

Are you ready for more?

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