Is that your Dream Job?

We always have a dream job when we are younger, like every time they asked us what do you want when you grow up?

Actually, I cannot remember anything I said when they asked me about it. πŸ˜…

Late this afternoon, someone is looking for me, unfortunately, I was on my desk drolling over paper works in my desk. She just looked for me, saw me and said nothing.

Two minutes after the someone asked if I am still around! Yes, I heard that too!

And then I asked myself, (yes I talking to myself and thinking out loud)Why they’re looking for me? Am I the only person in this office?

Someone heard me and said “If every one likes you, they will always look for you.”

And I was like “what did you just said?”, “I mean you work well, you do great. If they gave you work, you finished before the deadline.

I smile.

And then I realized, this is not the dream job I have but the kind of job that sustain my needs and my family. Yes, co-workers are stressful most of the time but hey! there are still colleagues who silently praising you even behind your back. There are some of your colleagues look up to you and admire you, silently.

I know we shouldn’t settle for a mediocre ambition but in order to achieve your dream job and goals, you have to be patiently wait for the right timing and phasing of your career. Big Dreams take time, sometimes you have to chunk it off and go on step by step.

If you are bold enough to take risk, go and do what you really want to do, I will support you! I will motivate you to do it because it will make you happy! Go on jump off the cliff. We will never know unless we try.

But if you are too laid back to take risk, that will be fine too! I know you are planning for something great! And I cannot wait for that day to happen.

Right timing. Right phasing. Right people to support you.

Keep Going, you are doing just fine! Don’t take risk if you are not yet ready. Take it slow but keep that dream job on fire!

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