Be Grateful.

We always have that a little chitchats with our fellow colleagues during wee hours of the day in our offices.  We sometimes sat down in the pantry with colleague who loves to have discussion with anyone during lunch. Do they run out of anything to say? I bet they didn’t.

So this afternoon, I had no choice but to sat down with her and talk, until we reached the political aspect of our beloved country, Philippines.

I am not a fan of discussing political views, religion or faith to anyone. Why?  It is because these are (mainly) opinions of different people, different beliefs, different coping up mechanism and so on.

And I respect each and every point of views they have in life. Whatever that is.

She keeps blaming the administration, the government, the passport, that it is so hard to get visa and on and on and on.

All I had to say was, “in every country we have problems, there are laws we’re not happy about. And whatever you say to a pessimistic person it will never be good enough.”

And she walked out.

I was left alone in the pantry eating my lunch, peacefully. Sanay naman ako mag-isa at iniiwan. Simpleng bagay lang ‘yan. 😉

Well, the point is, wherever we are, if you are not grateful with what you have you will never be grateful in everything. You will always see the negative side of it.

In whatever situation you are into, always look for something good, the brighter side of life. I know, it is easy for me to say, but believe me, I know how it feels because I’ve been there (and done that).

Whoever won the electoral board, people always has something bad to say BUT so hard to say something nice. Sometimes it is not the government nor the law or policies that is bad but people who are not contented, not happy, in what they have.

Start your day by being grateful every time you wake up, maybe, just maybe, you will see the greatness in every situation.

Life is too short to be miserable, my Dear. So live life and love life. #KeepGoing.

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