Rock Bottom.

Many of us hit rock bottom, some are still drowning with pain, soaking into tears, and the only question we have in mind is “how to end this pain?”.

We’re trying to survive everyday of our lives but deep in our thoughts we wanted to end it, soon! Soon enough because the pain is too overwhelming to contain. Emotions are uncontrollable, we battle a war people know nothing about. Personal demons controlling you, dragging you down.

It is not just the pain experienced in a failed relationship but in so many aspects, family problems, financial crisis, abused, business didn’t went well and so on. The pain, failures dragging to end our own life so the bleeding may stop, and the pain will no longer be felt is the only choice.

But that was wrong, we loose sight of God’s love. We only focused on the pain that we felt and forgot that He is with us all through out the battle. We neglected our family and friends who are willing to shower us love and comfort. We put ourselves in a situation where no one could ever come near us. Wall around our heart was built so no one could ever come in. We became someone we don’t know.

Don’t stop there. Keep Going because we can build an empire on our own with a God who is the center and a family we must value the most!

Don’t let your past or your mistake define who you are and what you will be. You are far better than that. Believe me, trust me, YOU CAN!!!

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.”

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