Personal Goals

We all have the goals and dreams for our family, children or even for ourselves. It may be short term goal or for long term goal. Whatever are those goals you have, IT MATTERS.

Every year, we used to have our New Year’s resolution, madalas natin gamitin ang #NEWME #VERSION2.0 #BEGOODTOME and so on. But at the end of the year, we did not made any of our new year’s resolution or any personal, career, health goals we have.

I was good at the beginning, energetic to be better lalo na ang #balikalindogproject #kapagakopumayatwhoyoukasakin hash tags! Gamit na gamit, taon taon pa! I was aiming for a better self, better relationship with myself but at the end of the year I always fall off short. Oh dba? Naramdaman mo rin ba ako?

But I want to make amendments for this year, I made a 2019 Goals Board, it contains of what I wanted to achieve for this year. And I will share some of my Goals Board:

  1. Family Ilocos Tour – it may sound so simple and yet so hard to fulfill. No.1 is the budget! We’re kinda big (literally) family. We also wanted to go out and travel but the budget keeping us at home. So this year, I saved up for the upcoming tour we’re planning to do and we’re set on December! Yes baby! Goal #1 – achieve.
  2. Be Debt Free!!!! – yes, I have long list of utangs, loans and so on. But hey! Don’t stop pursuing your goals just because you have to pay your bills. Don’t die paying your bills and hindi mo na enjoy and perang pinaghirapan mo. It took me years to finally be debt free! I still have bills to pay, this goal is still on process BUT ma-aachieve rin!
  3. Loose Weight —— ito ang always nasa personal goals ko! Aminin mo, ikaw rin dba? Always delayed. Always have excuses! Oh well, I lost weight – 5kilos! 😉 because I made up my mind. I made a decision that this year won’t be another excuse not to achieve it. (I will share that in different blog!)
  4. Full Renovation of our House – YES!!!! Medyo mabigat, it took years for me to have this plan execute! Finally going to happen in few months!
  5. BE SOMEONE ANSWERED PRAYER – this one is kinda unexpected. When I wrote this one, I wanted “someone” romantically praying for me to be his significant other. But God has different plan on this personal goal. He answered it in a very different way, I am answered prayer, not romantically but to a friend who needs me. She just said it straight to my face that she’s been wanting to talk to me for months because ako lang daw ang alam nyang makakatulong sa kanya and she’s been praying to God to give her the best time to talk to me. And that day happened, last January 2019! and now we’re like sisters from another parentals. YES! ANSWERED PRAYER!

These are just my top 5 personal goals for 2019. I am half way to achieve it and we’re on the 5th month of the year. Looks like I am going to hit my goals this year, right?

How did I do it? I have accountable partner, we’re both reminding each other what our personal goals for this year. Every day I make a point to always tell her my plans, how my day went and what are the progress of my personal goals. She also do the same to me. We’re both accountable for each other! (shout out to my Buddy!) Find someone you trust as your accountable partner. Your partner will be the one to believe and trust you when you do not have the courage to believe and trust yourself. It will work!!!

When you wanted to do something, do it with confidence. Believe in yourself; believe that you can do it. Do not let your personal negative thought tell you can’t!

Trust me, just one step and you will get there! Change your mindset to I CAN. You cannot get what you want if you do not make a step today.

So tell me, what are your plans?

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